"Keeping Kentucky Connected"  

Kentucky NewsletterTM is a Northern Kentucky business dedicated to e-mail marketing and keeping "Kentucky Connected". Arguably there is no better cost effective approach to keeping customers, fans and business prospects connected than e-mail marketing. Regular e-mail campaigns facilitate this process and we will work with your business to focus on keeping customers, businesses and prospects informed and connected.

Kentucky NewsletterTM is owned and operated by Northern Kentucky Web Design. We strive to promote Kentucky businesses and events while encouraging community involvement. Using our email marketing solutions your business can keep in touch with current and future customers through the email marketing process. You will be able to keep your customers current while creating trust and loyalty to your brand.

Full Service Accounts
  • Constant Contact Account Setup
  • Image Hosting by KyNewsletter.com
  • List Management
  • Political Campaign Newsletters
  • Small Business Newsletters
  • Organizational Newsletters
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Self Service Accounts
  • Constant Contact Account Setup
  • Lower Costs
  • Account Setup
  • Per Instance Fee Support
  • Ideal for those comfortable with a computer and the time to compose their letter
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